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Home Inspection
Real estate contracts often contain contingency clauses that allow buyers to inspect the property. It is common in our area for sellers to have inspections done prior to putting their home on the market.  That way there are fewer surprises and reasons for renegotiation. A general contractor’s inspection will check the overall condition of the home from the foundation to the roof, including electrical, plumbing, heating, the basic structure and the quality of the finish work.  Even if the house looks to be in good condition, the purpose of the inspection report is to evaluate the hidden components most home buyers cannot properly judge.  Property inspectors typically are trained and have years of experience in the construction related industries.  They know what looks right or wrong and what looks like it is not up to code or is dangerous. Depending on the size of the home and the inspector, a home inspection with a detailed written report may cost in the neighborhood $500 – $900.

Structural Pest Control Inspection
Sometimes referred to as a “Termite Report”, this inspection analyzes all types of insect and fungus damage.  Section I is concerned with actual termite or beetle infestation and dry rot caused by moisture.  Section II on the report will be items that could cause infestation and, if not corrected could cause damage. Sometimes (not uncommon on stucco homes) an inspector will call for a “further inspection”.  If that is the case it is important to make sure that gets completed.  Pest Inspections range in price from approximately $300 – $500

Some Other Inspections
Sometimes the home inspector will recommend further inspection by a specialist. This may include:

Foundation & Drainage
Hazardous Materials
Zoning & Permit
Underground Storage Tank

The Value of Being at Inspections
This is your opportunity to “check under the hood” of your potential home.  It gives you the opportunity to ask questions and clarify any findings that can sometimes seem more daunting in writing.  You can also find out where the turn offs are to the gas main, water and electrical supply in case of emergency.

Home Warranty Plans
Several Home warranty plans are available that provide insurance for the major systems and basic appliances of the home.  The cost is approximately $350 to $500 per year depending on the extent of the coverage.  The plans can easily pay for themselves should a covered item need repair or replacement.